Hotel Ultònia

The 3-star Ultònia Hotel is located in the heart of the city, five minutes walking from the Girona Conference Centre. Its location in a privileged and well-connected environment lets visitors easily walk to the charming Old Quarter of Girona.

Thus, the meeting rooms at Hotel Ultònia are your best option to organize any kind of event in this beautiful city. Multifunctional rooms full equipped with modern technology and integrated with catering services, permits to adapt to any sort of requirements that you could ask for.


  • Catalunya
    Min: 180
    Max: 420

    Surface: 310 m2

  • Ter
    Min: 28
    Max: 80

    Surface: 84 m2

  • Onyar
    Min: 28
    Max: 80

    Surface: 86 m2

  • Güell
    Min: 25
    Max: 50

    Surface: 56 m2

  • Ultonia
    Min: 20
    Max: 45

    Surface: 47 m2

  • Girona
    Min: 10
    Max: 20

    Surface: 26 m2

  • Europa
    Min: 10
    Max: 20

    Surface: 26 m2

  • Jaume I
    Min: 8
    Max: 12

    Surface: 16 m2

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Location and contact details

Post Address:
Gran Via de Jaume I, 22 - Girona - 17001 Girona
Contact person: Eugeni Torres